Professional Certificate Programme in Parent Education


With the recent emphasis on the involvement of parents in education, administrators, teachers and social workers at primary and secondary levels are inevitably facing the challenge of not only working with parents but “educating” them as well in order to enhance the partnership between schools and families. As parents, one might also be involved in adapting to new concepts in parenthood for the new era. Different from piecemeal courses lacking a clear direction, this programme provides systematic training. It delivers not only child-rearing practices and its effect on the wellness of children’s academic and behavioural performance, but focuses on the subjective experience of parents, emphasizes parenthood as a part of personal growth and development. Hence, the direction of parenting and effective parenting skills will be explored from this perspective and ways of designing appropriate programmes for children and parents will be examined. 

The programme is designed for the following objectives:

  • To enable participants, through examining family experience at different stages and understanding the developmental effect of parenthood, to gain a thorough understanding of the potential benefits and difficulties of being a parent. 

  • To help participants be able to develop effective child rearing practices and family life with continuous growth. 

  • To enable participants to gain necessary knowledge and skills in communicating with parents. 

  • To help participants to know how to design and implement parent education programmes and schemes in schools settings and community. 


Programme Co-Directors 

Professor YIN Hong-biao
BEd (HNU), MPhil (SWU), PhD (CUHK)
Chairperson & Professor, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, CUHK
Associate Director, Hong Kong Institute of Educational Research, CUHK

Ms. YEUNG Kin Sie, Denise 

Programme Coordinator 

Ms. CHAN Tze Kwan Isa
BA, PCEd (HKU), MEd, PgD, MA (CUHK) 

Teaching Personnel 

Ms. CHAN Tze Kwan 
BA, PCEd (HKU), MEd, PgD, MA (CUHK) 

Mr. CHENG Kai Chi Wallace 


Ms. HUNG Fai Connie 


Ms. HUNG Man Wai Polly 

Mrs. IU KAN Siu Mee Amy 
BSSc (HKU), MBA (University of Strathclyde), MSSc (University of South Australia), RSW 

Ms. LO Mung Ming Miranda

Ms. NG Wing Yin Winnie 

Ms. POON Wai Sze Chiffon 

BSSc, MA (CUHK), Certificated Clinical Trauma Professional 

Ms. TANG Kit Sum Connie 

BSW (PolyU), MA (CUHK), RSW 

Ms. WONG Kit Ling Holly

Ms. WONG Yee Ping 

  • Full-time teachers in primary or secondary schools.

  • Full-time school social workers or school guidance teachers.

  • Administrators or people working in related areas, youth workers, priests, or parents, who are holders of a Bachelor's degree from a recognized university.

  • Graduates of other professional diploma or certificate programmes in Guidance and Counselling offered by The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

  • Regular Meetings
    Each module will take place on either one evening from Monday to Friday, Saturday morning or Saturday afternoon.

  • Workshops and Growth Groups
    These will be held during school holidays or on Saturdays.

  • Practicum and Supervision
    This will be arranged on weekday evenings, Saturday mornings, or Saturday afternoons.

Programme Title

Tuition Fee

Payment Schedule

CEF Course Code: 35K134564

Professional Certificate Programme in Parent Education

This course has been included in the list of reimbursable courses under the Continuing Education Fund.
This course is recognised under the Qualifications Framework (QF Level 5).


  • Payment should be made by bank transfer OR crossed cheque/ cashier order payable to "The Chinese University of Hong Kong".

  • The fee to be paid upon acceptance of admission offer.

  • Fees paid are NOT refundable or transferable.

Certificate of Completion

HK$6,550 for each module

Recipients of the Professional Diploma / Certificate in Guidance and Counselling, Professional Diploma / Certificate in Parent Education and Professional Diploma / Certificate in School Discipline and Classroom Management, wishing to proceed to the following programmes may apply for exemption from a maximum of 42 contact hours of elective study.

  • Professional Certificate Programme in Guidance and Counselling

  • Professional Certificate Programme in Parent Education

  • Professional Certificate Programme in School Discipline and Classroom Management

Professional Certificate in Parent Education
To qualify for the Professional Certificate in Parent Education, participants must:

  • Complete a total of TWO compulsory modules and TWO elective modules within ONE year of the date of registration;

  • Attend no less than 80% of the required modules set in the curriculum*; and

  • Complete all written assignments with an average grade of C or above.

Certificate of Completion

  • Participants may choose to take individual elective module(s) to tailor studies to their own interest in parent education. Taking of any one of the elective modules with attendance rate of no less than 80%, and having completed all designated assignments with an average grade of "C", a Certificate of Completion will be awarded.

  • Holders of a Certificate of Completion may transfer, within a period of 7 years, the earned credit units to the Professional Certificate Programme in Parent Education or other professional certificate programmes offered by the Hong Kong Institute of Educational Research for unit exemption and tuition fee reduction. For credit details, please visit: here

* Full attendance is required for CGC0106.

Ms. Isa Chan
Programme Co-ordinator


In today's fast-paced and ever-evolving world, the demands on parents have become increasingly heavy. The complex challenges and changing dynamics of modern family life have created tremendous pressure on them. Our Parent Education programme goes beyond traditional parenting techniques as we strive to help parents construct their unique meaning of being a parent. When the meaning of being a parent eludes us, the role can become disheartening, and the responsibilities may be overwhelming, leaving us adrift without clear directions. Thus, to construct the meaning of being a parent is of utmost importance.

Led by a team of experienced educators and practitioners, this programme offers a rich and engaging learning experiences for participants to delve into the three pillars of parent education, which include cultivating self-enhancement, recovering a sense of parent-child connectedness and revisiting direction and practices in child nurturance and discipline. We are committed to empowering parents and guiding them on a transformative path towards self-awareness and personal development.

With such carefully designed curriculum and dedicated lecturers and trainers, this programme aims to give participants the support they need to navigate the journey of parenthood with confidence and pleasure. It is certain that embarking on this enriching and rewarding journey, you can find meaning and fulfillment to both you and your children.