To promote the exchange of ideas and rational discourse between practising educators and educational researchers from Hong Kong and abroad, the HKIER has published various journals, including Education Journal, Journal of Basic Education, Asian Journal of Counselling, Educational Research Journal, and Journal of Contemporary Chinese Education. After restructuring of journals, only Education Journal, a TSSCI core journal, is now published. Education Journal serves as a bridge for academic exchange between Chinese and international academics and researchers. It publishes articles that attempt to analyze or synthesize educational theories, processes and systems from different viewpoints and approaches. Articles of empirical or theoretical studies on practical experience of educators will also be considered.

The HKIER is dedicated to knowledge transfer of research ideas and findings in education through nurturing of its academic publications, including journals, occasional papers, academic books, and newsletter.


Education Journal
Prof. TSE Kwan Choi Thomas

Education Journal was established in 1968 for promoting the exchange of ideas and rational discourse between practicing educators and educational researchers from Hong Kong and abroad.

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Asian Journal of Counselling (Ceased Publication)

The journal contains articles on theories, research and case studies of counselling and covers areas ranging from intervention.

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Educational Research Journal (Ceased Publication)

The Educational Research Journal is the official publication of the Hong Kong Educational Research Association.

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Journal of Basic Education (Ceased Publication)

The Journal of Basic Education aims to promote and improve the study of basic education in Hong Kong and other Chinese communities.

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