Programme for Leadership Enhancement for Serving Vice-Principals (LVP)


Under school-based management, how successful the school develops hinges on the quality of school leadership. Vice-principals, who assume the responsibility of school leaders in the absence of the Principals, play an important role in planning, coordinating and monitoring school development work in various areas for the benefit of students. It is therefore crucial to have in place a team of vice-principals who can demonstrate leadership of considerable scope and depth. This programme aims to broaden the vice-principals perspective by bringing them from within the school context to the realm of other professions in Hong Kong and further to an international context.

Course Contents

The programme consists of two major components with a total of up to 29 hours in the perspective of leadership beyond the school context. Component A involves an attachment scheme and an assignment to be taken up by the participants. Each participant will be attached to a business organisation or an NGO for 3 to 4 days to observe the leadership practices. Component B will provide an opportunity for the participants to share among themselves their experiential learning.

Target Participants

School vice-principals

Medium of Instruction

Cantonese (English as a supplement).