Leadership Enrichment and Development Programme for Non-teaching Education Professionals (NTEPs)


To cope with the challenges of the education system and the ever-changing societal needs, Non-teaching Education Professionals (NTEPs) have to develop their professional knowledge and skills through continuing professional development (CPD) to keep abreast of the latest trends and demands. Enhancing leadership and management training is an important step towards nurturing a learning and professional team, it is therefore crucial to have in place a leadership enrichment and development programme for NTEPs who play an important role in planning, coordinating and monitoring school development work in various areas for the betterment of students. The Programme aims at enabling NTEPs to possess wider perspective of leadership, enriching their leadership and management skills to perform their leadership role.

Course Contents

The programme consists of two major components with a total of up to 21 hours in the perspective of leadership beyond the school context. Component A involves structured training on the perspectives of leadership and management. Component B will provide an opportunity for the participants to visits three public enterprises, charitable institutions and/or non-governmental organisations (NGOs) workplaces in order to understand how the management philosophy is in place.

Target Participants

NTEPs and seconded teachers from government schools of EDB

Medium of Instruction

Cantonese (English as a supplement).