1991.第19卷第1期(Vol. 19 No. 1).pp. 19–27



Relation between Medium of Instruction and Instructional Activities in F1 Level

麥思源、蕭炳基(Se-Yuen MAK & Ping-Kee SIU)




In this article, we compare and analyse the differences in the medium of instruction and the structure of classroom lessons using 4 subjects (Science, History, Geography and mathematics) in the Fl level between two groups of schools. Schools in the experimental group made a change in the medium of instruction in some subjects from English to Chinese recently. The control group is a group of Anglo-Chinese schools of matched standard. The result of this research shows that: (I) teachers in a number of Anglo-Chinese schools use mainly Cantonese for verbal communication and a fair proportion of mixed-code written words in their lessons; (2) teachers in the experimental group do not encounter much difficulty in adopting Chinese as the medium of instruction; (3) in a number of instructional issues, such as the timing of lesson subroutines, the depth of treatment of subject content, the frequency of questioning and pupils' reliance on their teacher in doing classwork, schools in the experimental group do better than the control group. This research also indicates that these instructional issues show least difference in Mathematics lessons. However, differences of unlike nature were observed in Sciences and Social Science lessons.