Scholarship Reconsidered: An Asian Perspective

1998.第13卷第1期(Vol. 13 No. 1).pp. 85–99

Scholarship Reconsidered: An Asian Perspective

Steven C. WRIGHT & Jeffrey J. WALKUSKI


The work of Ernest Boyer and The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching has highlighted the often confounded roles and expectations of faculty towards their work in the university setting. This paper will examine faculty and administrative perceptions of faculty work at four institutions in Singapore and the People's Republic of China, that specialise in physical education. The majority of faculty participants' interests leaned toward teaching, yet administrators in China felt that research was more important for faculty promotion and institutional recognition. The Singapore administration did, however, see teaching as more important than research. The collective faculty saw research as important to their careers but felt there needs to be better ways, other than publication records, to assess faculty performance. They believe that teaching effectiveness should be at the forefront of this process.

Keywords: scholarship; faculty; physical education