1999.第9卷第1期(Vol. 9 No. 1).pp. 1–19


The Rural Training College (1946–1954): An Important Chapter in the History of Hong Kong Teacher Education

方駿(Jun FANG)




The Rural Training College (1946–54) was established in September 1946 by the Hong Kong authorities under the governorship of Mark Young to alleviate the growing pressure of providing trained teachers for rural schools in the post-war New Territories. Prior to the establishment of the Grantham Training College (1951–94, renamed Grantham College of Education in 1967) with which it merged in 1954, the RTC was one of the two single-purposed teacher education institutions in Hong Kong, sharing the responsibility of supplying qualified school teachers for the territory with the Northcote Training College (1939–94, renamed Northcote College of Education in 1967) which largely trained school teachers for the urban areas of Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. To date, however, there is no single detailed study of this rural teacher's college, an important chapter in the history of Hong Kong teacher education. This paper, by utilizing primary source material and interviewing some former students and teaching staff of the RTC, reconstructs the 8-year history of the College with a focus on its contributions to the school education in Hong Kong.