Compulsory Modules

CSD0001 Classroom Management Theories and Application

This module is designed to familiarize participants with the dominant theories in classroom management and to examine their application in real situations. Topics include: classroom management styles and personalities; building teacher-student relationships; recent local research and reflection on the needs of students; effective teaching and classroom management; and case discussions.

CSD0004 Self-enrichment Workshops for Teachers

The aim of this module is for teachers to gain more self-understanding and learn new strategies in managing their own emotions appropriately. Topics include: reflection of your own experiences, values and attitude built on discipline; knowing your limits and strengths; and stress management skills. This module consists of three 7-hour workshops arranged on Saturdays or school holidays. Participants can benefit from the most suitable environment for reflecting on new ideas learned from workshops. New perspectives about self and relationships with others can also more readily take shape. Full attendance is required for this module.

CSD0005 Effective Behaviour Management

This module provides participants with an opportunity to reflect on and explore their own experiences, values, and attitudes built on discipline. Appropriate skills and methods of teaching and parenting will be discussed. Topics include: behaviour management; children's views on the process of discipline; discipline as a constructive reaction to the needs of children and adolescents; enhancing self-management; and mental health of teachers, parents and professional helpers.