Compulsory Modules

CGC0001 Overview of Counselling Theories

This module examines major notions of counselling and their theoretical framework. Special emphasis will be placed on the application of these theories in a Hong Kong school setting. Case studies will be used for illustration and discussion.

CGC0002 Introduction to the Therapeutic Counselling Process and Skills

This module introduces participants to ways of understanding the counselling process and the use of micro counselling skills. Topics include: the qualities of the counsellor, the therapeutic relationship and the counselling process at different stages. Basic training on micro skills will be provided through peer practice.

CGC0003 Self-enrichment Workshops

This module will present various developmental themes to help participants enhance their personal growth. It covers self-exploration, interpersonal relationships and experiential learning utilizing the application of a specific counselling theory to self-enrichment. This module consists of three 7-hour workshops arranged on Saturdays or school holidays. Participants can benefit from the most suitable environment for reflecting on new ideas learned from workshops. New perspectives about self and relationships with others can also more readily take shape. Full attendance is required for this module.