Education Journal

Effects of Text Structures on Recall

1995.第23卷第1期(Vol. 23 No. 1).pp. 115–133


Effects of Text Structures on Recall


Yin-Kum LAW(羅燕琴)


Researches show that text structures can facilitate the process of recall. This study explores the effects of text structures on recall and compares the effects of three text structures: causation, comparison and collection. Nine passages containing these three structures written in Chinese were randomly assigned to 224 Secondary 3 students and each student was given two passages. After reading one passage, each student wrote down the content without referring back to the passage . The design was a 3 × 2 factorial, with text structure (causation vs. comparison vs. collection) and recall tasks (structure vs. no structure) as between-subjects factors. The dependent variables were the recall scores on the main and detailed idea units of the texts. The results indicated that the comparison structure was better than the other two structures in assisting students in recalling the content. Higher scores were also obtained when subjects followed the text structure of the original text as they performed their tasks. In general, the findings have firmly supported the findings of the pervious researches.