Education Journal


1995.第23卷第1期(Vol. 23 No. 1).pp. 1–16



The Model and Orientation of Home-School Cooperation in Hong Kong

沈雪明(Suet-Ming SHEN)




Since the publication of the Plowden (1967) report, a lot of researches have shown that parent participation will improve the educational outcome of the young. Some models of home-school cooperation in the west have developed to such an extent that parents are school managers who monitor all policy and decision makings. In Hong Kong, parents' participation in children's education was mainly home-based. In recent years, with the promotion of democratic practices and consumer rights, parents in Hong Kong have started to demand more from the school; with the higher general education level, they are also capable to contribute more to their children's education. Accordingly, the model of home-school cooperation would need to be changed. Based on the survey data obtained by Shen et al. (1994), this paper investigates the development of the home-school relation, the framework of different levels of parent participation and the force and counteracting force for further parent participation in educational matters in Hong Kong.