Education Journal


2018.第46卷第1期(Vol. 46 No. 1).pp. 165–182


Improving Chinese Second Language Learners’ Reading and Writing Performance Through RLLW Pedagogy: A Study on Non-Chinese Speaking Students in Hong Kong

邱佳琪(Cha-Kie HIEW)





Reading and writing are key components of literacy education, while genre pedagogy can be implemented to connect the teaching from reading to writing. Practical text is one of the main genre in teaching materials and assessment. Relevant pedagogy and research should be conducted to provide second language learners the knowledge about genre, context, and function of language about practical writing. Based on the theories of systemic functional linguistics, the “reading to learn, learning to write” (RLLW) pedagogy has demonstrated positive effect of improving English learners’ reading and writing competency. For further development of genre pedagogy in different languages, there is a need to investigate the effect and feasibility of applying RLLW in teaching languages other than English. This article reports on its effect on Chinese as second language education through mixed-method case study research. It proved that RLLW can improve non-Chinese speaking students’ reading performance by 5.9 times and writing performance by 1.4 times higher than pre-test, while both significantly better than the control group. Research findings proved the positive effect of RLLW pedagogy and its potential to be implemented in curriculum.

Keywords: reading; writing; practical text; Chinese as second language; reading to learn, learning to write