Education Journal


1992.第20卷第2期(Vol. 20 No. 2).pp. 177–183



Advanced Methodology of Chinese Language Teaching

何萬貫(Man-Koon HO)




Certain noticeable inadequacies of Chinese Language Teaching are listed as follows: 1. Preoccupy with the part but overlook the whole. 2. Focus on independent and in-depth study of one theme without relating to other relevant aspects. 3. Subject-oriented rather than student-centred approach. 4. A rigid and inflexible syllabus without catering to individuals' needs. 5. The subject matter does not have enough relevance to students' real life situations. The suggested solution of the aboved problems are as follows: 1. It should have more emphasis on the macro aspect towards Chinese Language Teaching. 2. Teachers should equip themselves with a more comprehensive knowledge of the subject matter. 3. Teachers should highlight certain pivotal points in the teaching objective of each lesson. 4. Teachers should encourage divergent thinking in the learning of students. 5. Teachers should enhance the students' ability of independent learning. 6. Teachers' choice of diction should be varied and the command of vocabulary should be rich and impressive.