Education Journal


1992.第20卷第2期(Vol. 20 No. 2).pp. 161–172



In Search of "Desirable Change": Critique of Education Commission's School Education in Hong Kong: A Statement of Aims

文思慧、黃顯華、劉國強、盧乃桂(Si-Wai MAN, Hin-Wah WONG, Kwok-Keung LAU, & Leslie Nai-Kwai LO)




The paper begins with explicating the achieving of aims of education in terms of realization of 'desirable changes in education'. With this theoretical backdrop, two requirements on a document setting out formally views on the aims of education are implicated: (1) The document must give regard to the social, cultural, and political contexts of the society to which the aims are marked out for, so as to ensure that changes targeted at are desirable, and (2) it must include discussions on ways to secure these changes. Unfortunately, both aspects are neglected by the Education Commission's School Education in Hong Kong: A Statement of Aims. Firstly, it does not cite any comparative studies or scholarly investigations processes which are essential for inducing the desirable changes proposed. We, therefore, do not expect the document to be particularly efficacious in prescribing directions for desirable changes in education in Hong Kong.