Education Journal


1980.第8卷第1期(Vol. 8 No. 1).pp. 23–37



The Self-concept of Arts and Science Students in Hong Kong Secondary Schools

劉聲、呂俊甫(Sing LAU & William J. F. LEW)




This study investigated the difference in self-concept between arts students and science students in Hong Kong secondary school. The Coopersmith Self Esteem Inventory (SEI) and the Michigan Self-Concept of Ability Scale (SCA), which were translated into Chinese with minor revision, were administered to a stratified random sample of 480 Form 4 students of both sexes in arts and science classes in six aided schools of various types. In favor of the science students, significant difference with t values was found in SCA scores in the old boys school, and in both SEI and SCA scores in (1) all six schools combined, (2)the two boys schools, (3) the two coeducational schools, (4) the new boys school, (5) the new girls school, and (6) the old coeducational school. Significant difference in both scores also existed between the students who were grouped as they had wished and those grouped against their wish in favor of the former, regardless of the class (arts or science) to which they were assigned.