Educational Research Journal

Teacher Self-Efficacy Research and Teacher Education

2005.第20卷第2期(Vol. 20 No. 2).pp. 149–164

Teacher Self-Efficacy Research and Teacher Education

David W. CHAN(陳維鄂)


An overview on the different conceptualizations and assessment of teacher efficacy was provided, leading to the discussion on the need to develop assessment instruments of greater comprehensiveness and increasing specificity to accommodate the complexity of teacher functioning in times of education reforms. While it is somewhat controversial whether positive self-efficacy beliefs or doubts lead to desirable student outcomes and teacher performance, and whether teacher effectiveness rather than teacher self-efficacy should be considered causally prior to valued outcomes and should be more directly studied, the support for the importance of implications of teacher self-efficacy for teacher education was compelling. The need for further research on teacher self-efficacy in Hong Kong is discussed.

Keywords: teacher education; teacher self-efficacy; education reform