Educational Research Journal


1999.第14卷第1期(Vol. 14 No. 1).pp. 157–174


"Dictation by Thematic-Reciting" — A Test to Assess Reading Comprehension Ability

何萬貫(Man-Koon HO)


傳統背默方法,以考勤為主。他們對課文的內容及主題思想是否理解?教師無從評估。「按題背默」只是一種測量工具,主要目的是:第一,可以鼓勵學生在背默課文前,先要理解課文的內容、主題和寫作技巧;第二,可以在學生背默課文時,測量他們對課文內容、主題和寫作技巧的理解程度。本研究以三所中學中四級學生為研究對象。高(band 1)、中(band 3)、低(band 5)程度的中學各一所,每所選取中四學生一班(每班約40人)。目的是要測試高、中、低程度的學生對傳統背默課文之理解程度,並分析「按題背默」與閱讀理解能力的相關程度。研究結果顯示,這種「按題背默測驗」,除了可達到傳統背默的測量目的外,還可以反映學生對課文「內容」和「主題」方面的理解能力(p-value < .05)。


Traditional recite-dictation stresses diligence. It cannot allow the teacher to assess whether or not the student understands the theme and content of the text. "Dictation by thematic-reciting", on the other hand, is an assessment tool which aims to : (1) encourage the student to understand the theme, content and style of a text before memorizing and reciting; and (2) to assess, while the student is recite-dictating, the degree of understanding of the theme, content and style of the text. The subjects of this study are Form 4 students in three local secondary schools. One of the three schools is a Band 1 school, one is Band 3, and one is Band 5. In each of these three schools, one Form 4 class (40 students) is selected to participate in the study. The aim of the present study is to: (1) assess the extent to which high, average, and low ability students understand the text when they are recite-dictating in the traditional style, and (2) to investigate the relationship between "dictation by thematic-reciting" and reading comprehension ability. Results suggested that "dictation by thematic-reciting" can serve not only the purpose of traditional recite-dictation, but can also reflect the extent to which students understand the theme and content of the text (p-value < .05).