Educational Research Journal

Reflective Teaching in Second Language Teacher Education: An Overview

1999.第14卷第1期(Vol. 14 No. 1).pp. 131–155

Reflective Teaching in Second Language Teacher Education: An Overview

Paul SZE(施敏文)


Reflective teaching has become a dominant paradigm in second language teacher education in recent years. This paper reviews the conceptions and practice of reflective teaching in second language teacher education. The first part of the paper identifies five orientations to reflective teaching in the training and development of second language teachers: reflective teaching as thoughtful practice, as a model of teacher preparation, as organized professional development, as classroom inquiry, and as a means to social justice. The second part of the paper outlines the methods and strategies that have been proposed for implementing reflective teaching in preservice teacher education programmes and in professional development activities for serving language teachers. The paper finishes with a critique of reflective teaching as it is conceived and practised in second language teacher education. This review will show that in the field of second language teacher education, more effort is needed in defining reflective teaching and reflection, and in researching the process of language teachers' reflection and its effect on classroom teaching.

Keywords: reflective teaching; second language teacher education; second language teaching