Asian Journal of Counselling

My Counseling Position: An Adlerian Approach

1994.第3卷第1及2期(Vol. 3 Nos. 1 & 2).pp. 57–71

My Counseling Position: An Adlerian Approach


Patrick S. Y. LAU(劉兆瑛)


Adlerian theory of psychotherapy is very comprehensive and completed. I have explored my position in different areas in counseling through an Adlerian perspective.

Adlerians view human nature in a holistic, socially embedded, phenomenological, creative and teleological way. Striving for superiority, feeling of inferiority, social interest and life styles are the major concepts in Adlerian theory of personality development. Unique life style is formed at early childhood with the development of social interest. Clients are viewed as discouraged persons while the basic goal of the Adlerian approach is to help clients to identify and change their mistaken beliefs about life and encourage the development of their social interest. Cooperative relationship between the client and the counselor is stressed in the counseling process with emphases on exploring the client's family background and life experiences, giving insight and re-orientating the client. Personal implications of the Adlerian theory are also discussed in the article.


阿德納心理治療理論是十分全面和完整的,筆者嘗試透過此理論檢視其個人在輔導上的立場。阿德納的跟從者認為人性是整全、合群,和具創意的,每個人從其主觀的角度感受其所處的環境,並且人的行為基本上具有其目的和意義。 而自卑感、追求優越、對社會的關注,和生活模式為阿德納性格發展理論的重點,獨特的生活模式與對社會的關注建立於孩童時代。受導者被視為灰心的人而非病人,因而輔導的目標乃在協助受導者發現及改變其不正確生活信念,和增強其對社會關注的發展。輔導的過程強調輔導員及受導者間的關係,協助受導者檢視其家庭背景及經驗的影響,使其有所領悟以致重新整理其個人取向。本理論對筆者之個人意義亦於本文中討論。