Asian Journal of Counselling


1994.第3卷第1及2期(Vol. 3 Nos. 1 & 2).pp. 25–34


The Counselling Spirit of Buddhism

吳智光(Chi-Kwong NG)




Buddhism, as an oriental religion and philosophical system, has its unique view of life and Weltanschauung. Its core belief is to lead people to eliminate the suffering from the own self and different things of the everchanging world. From the viewpoint of Buddhism, our own self and things are continuously changing and thus cannot be held etemally. If we strongly strive for the desirable things in order to satisfy our own self, pain is inevitable when our desire is not satisfied. Hence, we must keep our mind free from the fascinating and changing things. The way of understanding, enlightened by Buddhism, to our own self and the things of the world helps us adopt a positive attitude towards lives. However, this paper is not prepared to discuss the aspect of religion and philosophy of Buddhism (so, there is only a simple description about the personality, view of life and Weltanschuung of Buddhism). Instead, it stresses the use of specific technique of counselling, by getting knowledge and feeling from practice in life, to help people to get rid of the trouble and the pain in the mind.