Education Journal

Developing Students’ Listening and Speaking Skills Through ELT Podcasts

2006.第34卷第2期(Vol. 34 No. 2).pp. 115–134


Developing Students’ Listening and Speaking Skills Through ELT Podcasts


Paul Man-Man SZE(施敏文)


Since 2005, there have seen rapid advances in podcasting, a new technology for broadcasting audio programs on the Internet. Podcasting was originally for conveying information and entertainment. But soon educators saw the huge potential it has for teaching and learning. Many writers have pointed out the huge benefits that podcasting can offer language education, especially with regard to developing learners’ listening and speaking skills. This article deals with the application of podcasting in teaching English as a second/foreign language. It begins with a brief introduction to podcasting. The article will then proceed to the ELT (English Language Teaching) podcasting proper. This will cover: (a) how to locate ELT podcasts, (b) the content of ELT podcasts on the Web and how to use such resources for improving learners’ listening skills, and (c) the educational benefits of teacher podcasts and student podcasts. The last part of the article will suggest suitable speaking activities for student podcasts. Radio drama and ELT rap, two kinds of oral language arts activities which are deemed particularly suitable for Hong Kong’s secondary schools, will be explained.