Education Journal


2006.第34卷第1期(Vol. 34 No. 1).pp. 117–131



The Ability of Secondary Chinese Language Teachers in Differentiating, Describing, and Correcting Errors in Compositions

何萬貫(Man-Koon HO)


中學中文教師判別、描述和修正學生作文中語誤的能力,反映出他們的語文專業修養、語文知識水平,跟他們的教學素質有著密切的關係。參加測驗的包括95所津貼中學共95位中文科學位教師,測驗的結果大體能反映出香港部分中學中文科教師分析語誤的情況。測驗結果顯示,教師在描述語誤時,多採用「印象式」的方法, 憑「語感」去判斷一句話「通」還是「不通」。他們在腦子裏並不會想到語法問題。本研究結果顯示:老師改正學生作文語誤的能力不大理想,描述語誤的能力更差。事實上,運用語法知識去解決問題才是正確的方法。


The ability of secondary Chinese language teachers in differentiating, describing, and correcting errors in students’ compositions reflects their language professionalism and proficiency, and has a close relationship with their teaching quality. A total of 95 Chinese language graduate teachers from 95 subsidized secondary schools have participated in the test. Therefore, the test can reflect the general situation of error analysis of some secondary Chinese language teachers. The test result shows that teachers mostly adopt “impression” method to describe errors, using “language intuition” to judge whether a sentence is “grammatically correct” or not without considering the “grammar” issue. This research result illustrates that the ability of the teachers in correcting errors in students’ compositions is not satisfactory, and their ability in describing errors is even worse. Using the knowledge of grammar, indeed, is the right way to solve the problem.