Education Journal

Students’ Views of Mathematics Learning: A Cross-sectional Survey in Hong Kong

2001.第29卷第2期(Vol. 29 No. 2).pp. 37–59


Students’ Views of Mathematics Learning: A Cross-sectional Survey in Hong Kong


Ngai-Ying WONG, Chi-Chung LAM, Ka-Ming Patrick WONG, Frederick Koon-Shing LEUNG, &

Ida Ah-Chee MOK(黃毅英、林智中、黃家鳴、梁貫成、莫雅慈)


As a part of a commissioned research to investigate views of various stakeholders on the existing mathematics curriculum in Hong Kong, a questionnaire survey was administered to a random sample of 9,696 primary and secondary students to study their conceptions of mathematics, their attitude toward and habits of learning mathematics, and the perceived difficulty level of various mathematics topics. The data collected showed a clear picture of students’ perception of mathematics learning with regard to categories of interest, preference for understanding, confidence and competence, textbooks, classroom learning and outside-class learning, and learning habits. It also depicted substantial trends of changing views and attitudes toward mathematics learning across grade levels. Students’ responses to the Conception of Mathematics Scale were consistent with previous studies of a much smaller scale, and demonstrated some specific characteristics of their views of mathematics. This survey has provided useful background information regarding students’ needs and aspirations in mathematics learning for curriculum planners and frontline teachers in future curriculum reform and implementation.